This is the mix used by Japanese Cymbidium growers. It is from Japan and a must for Japanese goeringii growers and Korean goeringii growers. It is also the best mix for other Chinese Cymbidium species including Cymbidium ensifolium, Cymbidium sinense, Cymbidium  kanran, Cymbidium goeringii, Cymbidium tortisepalum, Cymbidium longibracteatum and Cymbidium faberi.

The bottom layer should be a large substrate such as large diatomite. The middle layer should be the medium mix and the top layer is the small mix. You may write us for instructions. Click on photo for picture using this medium. We now carry about 1850ml for med at $35CAD and 950ml small for $18CAD. You do not need more small if you are buying the medium mix,

Medium approx 1850 ml $35

Small approx 950 ml $18Please note that most people overpot their Cymbidiums and waste media and the plants don’t like it. This is because small pots are rarely available.

We now carry size 235 and 40 Japanese Cymbidium pots. Please inquire.



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Cymbidium mix