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This space is an on-line resource for Japanese orchids particularly Fuukiran varieties, as well as any strange (peculiar) plants.

Neofinetia falcata is a very special plant. The name Fuukiran is used by the Japanese for varieties of Neofinetia falcata that are registered by The Japanese Fuukiran society. The name literally means ‘orchid of the rich and noble’. The cultivation has a long history originating in the Edo era of japan (400 years ago) These plants are truly different from any other orchid as each has its own character even within the same variety. The amount of variation and mutation makes collecting Neos a hobby unto itself. It is unlike any other orchid.

For the beginner reading this, Neofinetia falcata is a culture unto itself in Japan. This one species has over 2300 varieties listed as well as having an entire orchid society devoted to its culture. In a nutshell, the species comes in a variety of forms including flower colour and shape, marginal, stripe and tiger variegation and bean leaf varieties that can be very super-mini. The bean leaf varieties come in fascinating shapes and growth patterns. Fukiran is appreciated for the plant and it is desireable by many collectors to appreciate the plant itself even if there are no blooms.

Some of these plants are extremely valuable (sometimes the price of a house!) and some have the potential to morph into other more expensive varieties. Most are quite rare in cultivation outside of Japan. It is important for me to present this plant in the traditional way in order to preserve its special historical place in traditional Japanese engei (gardening).

I invite you all to use this web-site as a support for our hobby. Please send your ideas, pictures, feedback and experiences. If you have a strange plant to sell, let us know and we may help.

We have a passion for Fuukiran collecting and want to demystify Neofinetia growing.

We have met numerous growers in Japan and I even personally learned traditional Neofinetia potting techniques from the grower who repots Neofinetia for the Imperial Household in Japan.

They are the perfect window-sill plant and they are very tough and easy to grow and yes easy to pot! Let us show you how!

At Flora Peculia, we pride ourselves on support after the sale. All plants will come with on-going internet support.

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