Nishidemiyako is a medium sized plant with fleshy leaves and characterized by a rounded leaf tip and white fukurin (marginal variegation with a green centre leaf). It is a very popular plant because it can mutate easily. Nishidemiyako is known to mutate to several different varieties, including ginsekai, tamanishiki and koganetsuru. The plant on display is exhibiting mutation on two growths. Notice that on some of the leaves, the centre green stripe is disappearing. Sometimes it produces a ghost leaf with no green. If the mutation holds, the new growth can be grown until it is strong and then removed from the mother plant. In this case, the new variety is called manazuru. The mutations from nishidemiyako are highly prized and many collectors grow this plant hoping that one day their plant too will produce one of these varieties . 8 growths net


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nishidemiyako 西出都