This variety is very beautiful and much sought after. It came originally from the common bean variety Ryokuho, originally named Ryokuhonoshima (meaning Ryokuho with stripes). However, it was renamed after it entered the Meikan chart, a very common occurrence to rename a variety once it is registered. With yellow and white background, painted with light and dark green stripes, it is a very artful plant with no two growths alike. A fully mature growth is no more than 2 inches in leavespan and about 2 inches in height. The variety it belongs to are bean, shima, crescent tsuke and green roots. Culture tips: grow in medium light, mounted and on the dry side.


This expensive variety is considered the 'King of Neofinetias'! With strong white marginal variegation on each broad leave, it commands attention when well grown. With ruby colored root tips and a red flower stalk in spring, it offers the viewer much appreciation of it's beauty. Discovered over a century ago, it has remained on the top of the Meikan chart for this entire period due to its inherent beauty. A must for collectors, it still commands a high price due to its popularity. Characteristics include moon tsuke, ruby roots, white marginal stripes, red flower stalk, broad long leaves and a white ghost new leave that turns marginal markings in the seciond year.


A stunning plant that was found in the forest of Japan during the last 50 years. With yellow tiger markings and ruby roots, it can be grown into a spectacular specimen as seen in the picture. The tiger patterns need high light to achieve, short of burning. In spring, the fragrant white flowers emerge from a pinkish red flower stalk, framing the plant in a white cloud. Very spectacular. Characteristics include moon tsuke, ruby roots, yellow tiger, white flowers and red flower stalk. Still very affordable to add to any collection.

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