Best time to repot Neofinetias

There are certain periods that Neofinetias are best repotted, namely spring (March) and late summer (August) as these are when roots come out. But many experienced growers have repotted them at variou...

Growing Tips for Neofinetias

Every now and then, we all have growing tips for Neofinetias that we discover are so dramatic, we need to share them. In this blog, we would like to hear from those that have had this experience. For ...

How did I start to collect and grow Neofinetias

There is a story to every beginning. I started groing Neofinetias by fluke! Eventhough I had a few before, I was never really into them as Cattleyas were my thing. A quick unplanned stop ten years ago...

My Favourite Neofinetia

There are so many varieties of Neofinetias, more than 2000 varieties are named and about 400 in the Meikan chart.  My all time favourite is still the ruby root-yellow tiger variety called Hanagor...

Neofinetia Myths

There are many moments in my Neofinetia adventure that I have heard many myths and information on Neos that I find either funny or shocking. One time I was at a Japanese nursery where I saw a plant so...

Ruby roots are unique in Neofinetias!

Interesting that neofinetias are the only ones with radiant ruby root tip colours. Anyone ecer see them in real life or in other orchids.......

Your Favourite Neofinetia Pot

Everyone is an individual. Each person has their own tastes in art and beauty. With that, each of us has our own favourite pot. Some like elaborate painted pots and others like a simple rugged design....

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